I am a multidisciplinary designer currently working at the University of Edinburgh on an EPSRC funded OxChain project, where I am new models of philanthropy with the emergence of blockchain technologies..

I'm fascinated by what the future might hold, and imagining where current technological advances could take us. I hope to instigate positive change by exploring ‘what if’ questions.

Innovation Design Engineering introduced me to a richly imaginative way of thinking, and pushed me to work outside the strict engineering mindset, allowing me to develop my own ideas and push projects into unfamiliar territory. I currently enjoy working within the fringes of human interaction, bringing simplicity and rigour to a chaotic world through experimentation and observation.

My practical engineering training at Imperial College London allows me to physically realise my ideas, and has given me the ability to break down complex theories into simple parts and critically investigate them in order to test my designs.  



+44790 639 8289

JR portrait