Programmable chocolate teapot

The programmable chocolate teapot floats on the top of warm milk, melts in a predetermined sequence to give a performance. This results in a hot drink and a warm wafer biscuit.



At first a chocolate teapot appears to be a useless object, however when the chocolate is programmable it gives it another layer of interaction. For the final experiment we made a chocolate teapot with different thickness leaves to make the shape of the teapot. The base of the teapot is made from a wafer so that it floats on the surface of a drink. As warm milk is poured onto the teapot the leaves fall down in a predetermined sequence. The fallen leaves then dissolve into the milk to give a hot milky drink. 


This project started off with an exploration into chocolate as a material and then how it could be programmed to move. The final experiment demonstrated that there was a possible future for programmable chocolate.

In collaboration with: Maria Apud Bell, Tony Cho, David Damshek

3 days - 2016