Snow Go

Snow Go is a lightweight electric alternative to the snowmobile. It was aimed at developing communities where short journeys don't require a full sized snowmobile.

Snow Go-21.jpg

Design for adjustable Manufacture

The manufacture of Snow Go was performed by ourselves, everything on the rear frame was made to be adjustable. This allowed us to tailor the belt tension, chain tension and belt to ground contact length.

Snow Go-11.jpg
Snow Go-17.jpg


A high powered electric motor was used for Snow Go, it gave enough torque to start Snow Go from a standing start and could move at 25km/h on the flat. 

Snow Go-7.jpg
Snow Go-5.jpg


Final testing was performed on the snow at Hemel Hempstead snow dome, and initial testing was performed on sand in Hyde Park. The sandy surface allowed us to quickly test prototypes whilst refining the final design.

Snow Go-23.jpg
Snow Go-20.jpg

In collaboration with: James Craven, Tom Watkins, Guy Emmanuel